Since I was a child I am in love with Arts. Imagine worlds, stories, crafting and painting was my thing. The first time I thought about becoming an artist was seeing Jurassic Park as a kid, it had a huge impact on me, I was a dinosaur freak. A year later Toy Story amazed me and by that time I was already hit by videogames and 3D. I decided that it was all I wanted to do and started to learn by myself, at that time this was a pretty new thing to do.

It was a tough path but proud to be part of this industry, during the last 10 years of my career Ive worked on tones of different projects and working environments as a character artist: from Cinematic Production to AAA Game titles, VFX concept artist in feature films and sculptor in miniatures & collectibles.


As a self-taught artist, Im eager to improve my art and skills, to meet the best professionals and learn a lot from their experience, I love being part of great projects that can challenge me and make me grow as an artist.