Ive loved creativity since I was a child, imagine worlds and draw them was my thing. The first time I thought about becoming an artist was seeing Jurassic Park as a kid, it had a huge impact on me. A year later Toy Story amazed me and by that time I was already a videogame freak. I decided that it was all I wanted to do and started to learn by myself about the industry and pipeline.

It was a tough path but proud to make me room in this industry with my art and view of art, Ive worked on tones of different projects and working environments, from Cinematic Production to AAA Game titles and VFX in feature films.

I have more than 10 years experience as a professional now, both as a freelancer and on site companies, and I´ve become a well rounded chracter artist and digital sculptor, with a strong focus on 3D concepting characters and creatures.

As a self-taught artist, Ive been always eager to improve my art and skills, to meet the best professionals to learn from and to be part of great projects that can challenge me and make me grow as an artist.